Friday, October 29, 2010

When October Ends

    Now I am a graduate, and between jobs. Since July, it has been almost 4 months past. And for the first two months, I had been working in a hospital as a web designer and also a editor. Then I resigned it and wanna find a better platform which is suited for me. At this period, my family suggested I should get a government job. Thanks to generation gap, it did confuse me. The issue is always the same that whether I should continue to get occupied on web area or just wait several unknown months for the preparation of examination.

    Ideally, I can be a pharmacist and do some freelance stuff about design. Or I could work in a start-up company as a primary web designer and turn to be a skilled one. It would end with being a chief creative officer in a FT Global 500 company at thirty or forty. Somehow I realize that I would end in the progress of that, and not as a chief.

    Take a deep breath, feel the heart beat without hands, and think. The choice is that even I failed, I should try to be a pharmacist, to be a laboratory man. It was fun when I totally get into the chromatographic analysis experiments. So review the course, learn languages and design meanwhile. Go for it.